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This page contains information on how.

  • Write a Vitae Curriculum (CV)
  • How to write a cover
  • How to apply for a scholarship or internship?

Each of these topics is discussed in detail below. CV first.

How to write a curriculum Vita?

There must be a resume to give an interview.

  • Well presented, sales document
  • Interesting, relevant source of information
  • Write to talk about yourself

And here are some rules I follow when writing a resume.

Each job must have its own resume above the ground (there is no copy and paste)
Write down works related to a particular trade show / practice / work (don’t add small things five years ago)
It should be no more than two or three pages long
Do not include completed courses / courses as I will attach to my tutorial
Make sure my contact information is easy to find (at the top of the page)
I save all documents as a PDF (save your originals). Download the software for this program if your copy of Microsoft Word does not support Save As PDF. I can give you a thousand reasons why it is important.
But the resume itself can be limited if you say so. So I always write the code as an additional document to clearly explain to the employer what I can do for them.

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How to write a password?

Here are some rules I follow when writing a code (don’t forget the rules you learned in elementary school).

Make sure you know the name of the person to whom the application should be sent. As such, the cover letter in the cover letter should emphasize this.
Highlight the reasons why I think I’m the right person for the person
These reasons should highlight my resume skills, as well as the level of expertise in each skill. Thus, any type of work experience that is most important is used.
Specify that you will send a further email or fax or call to confirm that the application has been received.
Specify how to connect. If necessary, it can be by phone or e-mail.
Finally (frankly, faithfully, honestly …) I add the “attached CV” line.
Consultation. Take it to your university’s writing center after you have completed your letter: most universities have it, or the English department will read it or check grammatical errors. Or ask a friend to check it out for you. If you are in high school, ask your English teacher to help you.

How to practice?

Write a coverĀ  letter- as professional as possible.

Write a resume

Attach your scientific record, including your ID.
Follow the instructions in the Bureau / Practice to submit your application and make sure the post is not completed because you do not want to apply for something closed two weeks in advance. You always have to make a good impression.
Apply as soon as possible. Waiting for the last day of your application is not a good thing, as you will probably make mistakes. Again, you want to make a good impression
After submitting, contact the employer / company and ask if they have received your application.
Be professional. AS A TIME.
Finally, check your email and always keep your phone if they want to contact you.