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Top 10 Things To Bring To A Learnership Interview

So hold a learnership meeting with the company of your dreams and the day is near. Besides what to say for sale, did you think what to bring without you? Here are the top ten things you should bring to

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How to get the best out of bad learnership

Not all learnerships are equated. Some students are fortunate enough to have a gig where they not only work as a member of the work group, but also leave a job opportunity. Some commit themselves to a learnership that somehow

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Social Media Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Career

Social media is becoming more and more common in the life of the average person. Think about how often you go on the phone throughout the day. It works by the way. We are so obsessed with it that we

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Quick And Dirty Career Facts & Tips

Sometimes long articles become a pain in the butt to succeed, if you just want some quick advice. There is much you need to find a job and ultimately create a successful career: rewrite your book and cover, find opportunities,

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Create your Learnership and become your ‘only choice’

Finding learnership can be challenging, especially if you want to complete more than one before completing university. It can also be difficult if you follow a very specific field of study and leave limited options. However, the fact is that

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