Create your Learnership and become your ‘only choice’

Finding learnership can be challenging, especially if you want to complete more than one before completing university. It can also be difficult if you follow a very specific field of study and leave limited options. However, the fact is that you have to get an learnership or two under your belt if you want to compete in the job market.

It’s not that easy these days. It is true if they say you need experience to get the experience, which it turns out to be, but it is just the way it is. Thousands of people are applying for similar positions, forcing you to call, send an email and wait for an unanswered response. Why kick off a program where you can build your apprenticeship and become a candidate for that position ?!

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Yes, it is possible to build your own work. You have to be creative and outgoing enough to make it happen.

Where to start?
What are your goals?

First, you have to make sense. What are you studying? Where do you see yourself working in ten years? What activities would you like to participate in? What should you learn to reach your destination? Who is your inspiration? You need to ask yourself all these questions, as it will help you build your learnership, where it should be and what responsibilities you will have.

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Once you have created a good learnership in your mind, plan it. Discover how much time you can spend per week, when you need it, the three most important things you want to learn about, what influence you want to influence and where the state is. You may have the ultimate goal of working for a company like Nike. If so, then you know that you need to look at other sports and apparel related businesses to get your work done with the network. If you are more focused on learning certain skills, your chances will change slightly.

Who can I ask?

Maybe there is a company or group that you have always wanted to work for, or maybe a family member or friend knows someone who can use the exact kind of help you can offer. You can also ask a professor or career counselor to help you find hidden treasures. Great places to look for small businesses that don’t think they have student resources. For example, if you want to be creative but have marketing information, you can go to the public theater to see if their advertising and promotional department can use help. Here you will have many opportunities to grow within the business and take on greater responsibilities, as it is often difficult to work for local businesses and non-profits.

You can also think about the people you were inspired by and how they came to be where they were. Most of the most successful people come from humble beginnings, with great effort and determination to work the hip stick. Where did they start? What kind of work did they have, and at what point in their career did their real expertise begin to take shape? You often find that they get their calling while working on a trade show. Take notes!

How do I prepare and what can I do for it?

Once you’ve decided where you want to work and what your goals are for the experience, it’s time to make calls and send “apps”! You must resume / resume your resume of course before you can reach your vote. Remember, you want them … not the other way around. The learnership is not on their radar, so sell it yourself! Apply your resume to the job you want and to the businesses you apply for.

You also need to prepare a cover letter, as in any application, but this one is a little different because you give it a shot. Instead of explaining why you are the best choice for the role they offer, explaining why you interact with them, how you can benefit their businesses and what you want to learn from it. You can also add a little praise.

In this case, it’s worth going a little further than one page (usually included in the CV world), because you need more space to explain why you’re trying to reach them. Don’t forget to request an informal meeting / discussion to discuss possible issues!

It feels weird to go to a company that doesn’t have a visible apprenticeship list and say, “Hey, I want to do an apprenticeship, and that’s what I suggest …” but it’s incredible. If caught, they won’t look at you and say, “Sorry, but we have no openings.” Otherwise, they would not give you the time of day. If anything, they would say that they should think about how it MUST work and come back to you, because it is actually a free service. Who would deny it? Employers are impressed by students who are active and know what they want. You are not the first person to seek an apprenticeship (you were there!), So in all … they will accept it!

It’s time to be creative!

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