MQA Learnership Programme 2020 – 2021

About the MQA Learnership

Each year, the Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA) offers learnership from different communities different MQA opportunities. This scholarship forms part of the government’s national skills development program to create skills and alleviate poverty and unemployment.

The MQA apprenticeships are open to those with the required degree qualifications to acquire qualifications such as Diesel Mechanics, Diamond Processing, Fitting and Turning, Intelligent Manufacturer, Electrical Repairs, Boiler, Welding and Engineering.

Apprenticeships include hands-on and hands-on training in a variety of fields, depending on which apprenticeship you carry out.

MQA Learnership

It is outcomes-based learning, and internships are based on a legally binding agreement between the student, the employer and the service provider.


About 40% of the vocational training in the mining industry is in the learning theory or in the workplace:

Training must have a formal learning component
The learnership will provide accredited training providers for part of the Learning Center; and  a learnership is an effective and effective way for both the student and the employer to obtain a degree through discipleship

Workplace Training

The remaining 60% of the training will be at work (at work)

This part of the training will include structured workplace learning determined by the qualifications and levels of the related unit
Students still receive monthly fees for this part of the training, but are responsible for accommodation, food and travel.
The Department of Correctional Services does not pay for home subsidies, housing subsidies, pensions, medical aid, emergency grants or extra time during study time.
Once the student has successfully completed both these theoretical and practical (work) phases, has submitted final proofs (POEs) and successfully obtained external validation, an appropriate certificate will be issued.

There are so many students in the mining industry that it is impossible to list them all, but here are two examples of an apprenticeship.

1. Rigger Learnership

This position is essential for safe operation and care in the focus area. The training focuses on how you can provide specific driving and support services to safely transport heavy machinery and provide rope protection for wind turbines and other string access equipment.

You will need:

Grade 12 or NQF 4th degree equivalent to English or N2 degree in engineering
Numeracy and literacy skills
There are no major emotional limitations
Excellent motor skills (hand, eye and walking)
How to analyze, with attention to detail.
A valid driver’s license for mobile cranks and forklifts can be useful, as well as computer learning (MS Office Suite of package).
Working knowledge of law enforcement, safety, health and environment and standards
Appropriate knowledge and experience in engineering and engineering

How to apply

Apply online at

District: Rustenburg

Closing date: October 24, 20xx

2. Rock Engineering Learnership

Minimum learnership requirements

Grade 12 or NQF 4 for the same qualification as Mathematics and Science with a minimum success rate of 50% HG OR 60% Standard Grade; or
UMALUSI – Mathematical Performance and Physical Science Level 5 – 60-69

Other Opportunity: Mintek Learnerships

Additional learnership requirements

Rock Breaking Qualification NQF level or any basic COM certification will benefit.

Skills needed

  • Good interaction with the eye
  • There are no major barriers to strong feelings of success in fitness tests
  • Numerical skills
  • Targeted liability
  • Basic step-by-step guide
  • Computer related skills (MS Office) will be beneficial.

How to apply

Click here to APPLY ONLINE

Closing date: October 18, 20xx.

MQA Learnership Application Process

To apply for any MQA apprenticeship, you must complete the application form with your own manuscript. You can find information on the MQA for the learnership from:

SETAs and Human Resources Division
Student Support Service – tel 012 309 4808
Labor Department website.
You can also visit the Department of Labor to inquire about jobs
Contact the NQF and career counseling services by SMS on 072 204 5056 or send ‘Call me’ to be contacted by one of his consultants

Note that you:

Specify the post of apprenticeship you are applying for
You can sign the application form yourself
You have attached your certified copies of your certificates and your document (those copies must be validated within the last three months; you can do so at any police station)

Please note:

Late or unsubscribed application forms will not be accepted
Forms installed on computers are not accepted

Details of MQA learnership

Visit the Mining Qualified Authority (MQAs) website or the Chamber of Mines website of South Africa for more information on available apprenticeships.

SETA Mining Industry


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