Department Of Home Affairs Learnerships 2020 – 2021

Department of Home Affairs Components of the National Skills Development Act ‘. This includes opportunities for great growth, job creation and skills development at all levels, community development and helping young people to become part of the South African workforce.

Successful candidates will have greater access to educators and professionals, exploring the wealth of knowledge available, growing and staffing in various fields. The department of Home Affairs is providing learnerships in all provinces in South Africa and provides equal opportunities to all youth. Learnerships vary over time and contain only a monthly number of successful people.

They are looking for talented, young people who are willing to supplement the scarce skills in South Africa. Visitors will be able to build their knowledge, gain experience and learn from the best. Some successful candidates may be offered permanent positions, but this is not a guarantee.

Department of Home Affairs learnerships available

If you are planning to follow one of the following directions, apprenticeships may be just what you need. The internships available each year will depend on the current openings of the Department.

However, qualifiers can look at the following fields:

Administrative Clerk
supply Chain
Public works
Planning Strategies
Public Affairs
Internal audit
Information Services
Public Service Manager
Public Administration
Political Science
Expenditure and accounting management

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Study requirements of the Department of Home Affairs
Applicants must include detailed war vitae, contact information and all information they feel is relevant to their application. Includes certified copies of all applicable certificates, identity documents and proof of address for a maximum of three months. Nominees must be permanent South African citizens and permanent residents. People with disabilities are also welcome to apply.

Most nominees are also expected to have the following:

Matric or Grade 12
You must be between 18 and 35 years old
Excellent in English, reading, writing and speaking
It works in another national language
computer Information
Candidates should not be permanently employed
Motivate yourself and become a team player
You must be able to work under pressure and be a good listener
Applicants may not be registered with any other learnership center
You need to be creative, ethical, honest and professional
Flexibility is a commitment to learning, but also a determination to work

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Application for home affairs learnerships

An Internet application is available during the year. Applicants may be asked to complete an online survey (this will take approximately 30 minutes) before the application process begins. Internships are offered where application forms can only be collected by the department office. Students at their university surgery center can ask to find open apprenticeships within the department or at the nearest departmental office.

Most applications require a Z83 application form and must be provided with all the required certified documentation. Approvals can download this form on their website. Make sure the application is signed and completed. Incomplete forms, or forms not attached to the attachment, will also not be considered. Fax or e-mail applications are rejected, if the forms are collected at the departmental office in your area, they must be returned there. However, if you apply online, you do not need to go to your local office.

Successful candidates will be notified within 3 weeks to 3 months of the closing date of the learning organization. If you do not receive any form of communication, consider your request unsuccessful. Choose more information about the helpline on 011 – 355 5463 or send an e-mail to

Department of Home Affairs learnerships closing date

Closing dates vary depending on the needs of the business department. Remember that all documents must be certified and in accordance with your application.

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