Netcare Learnerships 2020 – 2021 Learnerships for Health Care

With high quality healthcare, Netcare is at the forefront of delivery. Netcare is known as one of the largest healthcare and emergency services in South Africa. In addition, they are also promoted to a senior independent trainer for healthcare professionals and emergency care professionals. Netcare really cares and is inspired to provide the cheapest healthcare of the highest quality in the world, because they also work in the UK.

Netcare has 55 hospitals and a fleet of more than 180 emergency vehicles. They have 338 show theaters, 87 pharmacies, including hospital and retail pharmacies, and more than 9,000 registered beds and are ready to care for those in need. They have doctors, specialists, dentists and more who can all help.

If you want to be part of an incredible family and make a difference to strangers, Netcare might be the right place.

Netcare learnerships available

Netcare offers an learnerships in the medical field. Interested visitors can visit the following fields and more:

Specialist in Health Engineering
Basic Nursing
Special Nurses
Clinical research methods
Emergency Operation Center

There is a wide range of vocational training available in the medical field. Candidates can learn a lot on the company’s website. The duration of each program will depend on the field. Netcare is looking for candidates with great talent, attitude and values. Their Learnerships programs are set up to develop individual skills and ensure that they can deliver quality healthcare.

Other Opportunity: Medi Clinic Learnerships Programme

Requirements for Netcare learnerships

Applicants who wish to apply for a learnership via Netcare must comply with all the requirements of the company. Candidates must be South African citizens to qualify.

They will also need the following:

Candidates must have a valid Matric certificate
Nominees must be proficient in English
Applicants must have a valid South African ID
Depending on the field, the option must also have a valid driver’s license. Applicants for the disabled are popular and the nature of the disability must be clearly defined in their curriculum and knowledge. Candidates must provide a certified copy of all qualifications and a letter of motivation for the purpose and the application. This should match their performance and curriculum.

Netcare learnerships application

Netcare online student applications are not made available through their website. However, people who are interested in applying for their program can send their information to Visitors can learn more about what they offer on thier website page. Netcare has campuses in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Cape Town.

Through their learnerships programs, Netcare aims to ensure a robust healthcare system and trained staff to provide the best possible services. They believe in the equal rights of all in a strong alternative to education and health care. Therefore, they strive to benefit communities and empower people by giving them the opportunity to learn. They are equal employers and are looking for talented candidates each year to join their internship programs.

Closing date for Netcare learnerships

Netcare offers participants the opportunity to apply annually. Their applications are normally closed at the beginning of July each year, so voters must ensure that their applications are submitted before the closing date.

If healthcare is your driving force and your love for life, then you know what needs to be done!

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